Mission Statement:
To provide top quality care, with a focus on fostering healthy transitions into marriage, parenthood and through the aging process.



LA Talk Therapy takes a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to providing therapy. Whether it is short term or long term therapy, our goal is to better help you navigate through life’s challenges. We provide individual therapy, as well as couples and group therapy. We have specialized training in, and use, Emotional Focused Therapy (a form of treatment) when conducting couples therapy.

LA TALK THERAPY is unique in that we strive to provide resources and other forms of therapy (e.g. acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, etc.) in conjunction with psychotherapy, as a means of fostering individual growth and empowerment. In fact, we provide all our group members with a Resource Guide making sure our clients are well informed of the best services and products out there. We are team players and making lasting connections is one of our greatest strengths!

For more information about our services, please contact us at 310.499.7040. or book a free telephone consultation.

Therapy groups currently being offered:

Sandwich Generation: Caring for an Aging/Ill Parent
What to Expect When Expecting (Support Group for Pregnant Women)

Now offering an 8 week therapy workshop for pre-marital couples:

“What You Should Know About Your Partner Before Getting Married.”


Dr. Francine Lederer, Clinical Psychologist, Life Transitions Specialist®, Therapist and Counselor, offering Counseling on Life Transitions for Care Givers, Older Adults, Individual and Group Therapy, along with Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Parenthood and Pregnancy, Grief Counseling and more. Located at 10780 Santa Monica Blvd., #450 , Los Angeles California.