Couples typically seek therapy when the need for change in the dyad is at its greatest peak. The boiling water in a pressure cooker is either about to spill over or the gas is turned down a notch just in time to prevent an eruption.

Couples Therapy works best when both partners are committed to the therapeutic process. Both long term and short term models are used.

Dr. Lederer is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and provides couples with much nurturance and guidance when working through very delicate material.

Per numerous requests, Dr. Lederer now offers an 8 week pre-marital couples therapy workshop on “What you Should know about your Partner Before you get Married.” These informative 8 weeks is designed to provide couples with a glimpse of what therapy looks like for couples, but also to give the information and guidance on relationship strengths and weaknesses. Figuring out each couple’s dancing style is what ultimately, helps couples to coordinate their rhythm and steps so that they begin dancing in sync with each other.

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